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What are the advantages of the power chuck?

Add time: 14/04/15

Power chuck is a mechanical device used to clamp the workpiece on machine tool, a clamping characteristics of high precision, small abrasion, large clamping force and stability, good dynamic balance, especially suitable to the high speed of CNC lathe, power chuck has been integrated into the life of each one of us, for our life to bring comfort and convenience.

What are the advantages of the power chuck? Details are as follows:

(1) the power chuck clamping in the use of the workpiece, and the clamping force is stable and adjustable, in addition to improve the work efficiency, but also can achieve more than one person to operate CNC machine tools, greatly reduces the cost of human resources, but also reduce fixed investment in equipment.

(2), chuck device traditional installation is very complicated, even are very professional needs for two or three days time, and now the power chuck the only needs one hour, improves greatly efficiency for the whole installation process.

(3) has the advantages of simple installation, high efficiency. Compared with the traditional chuck, it only needs a simple click switch, automatic centering can realize the workpiece, the other power chuck can make operation of the people at the same time control several equipment.

(4) to reduce staff stress, so that they can easily go to work, thereby reducing the high strength pressure.

(5) in the treatment of original technology, greatly prolongs the service life of chuck.

Power chuck is an important part of power transmission and motion in machine tool. Because the pneumatic chuck is reliable, quick action, convenient operation, so it is widely used in modern machine tool. Basing on quality, reputation and development of management concepts, to first-class product quality and technical staff, perfect after sale service to create outstanding products, welcome to contact us.